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Civil & Structural Design

Basic-Civil Engineering

Basic civil construction handles civic structures, such as city halls or public libraries.
Commercial projects include commercial offices, malls, factories, and stores.
Cigano provides consulting services for preliminary and final design of facilities such as
highways, streets, pedestrian accommodation and parking lots.

Services include:

  • Construction cost estimating and specification preparation

  • Preparation of design reports/design approval documents

  • Site assessment and evaluation of existing conditions

  • Pavement evaluation and design

  • Geometric design

  • Drainage design

  • Water main and sanitary sewer design

  • Street lighting design

  • Development of construction staging and Work Zone Traffic Control (WZTC) plans

  • Utility relocation assessment and design

  • Typical section design


Heavy Civil & Infrastructure

The Heavy Civil sector takes construction and design to another level. This aspect of work is a
branch of construction dealing with general infrastructure and government-funded projects.  Most
of the engineering and construction involved revolves around big government and community
projects.  A firm experienced in this type of work knows the main focus is improving coordination
and reducing the time and costs it takes to complete a structure or project.

Some of the common projects handled by the heavy civil sector are:

  • Bridges: From basic roadway crossings to the massive bridge replacements

  • Railroads: Tracks for light rail, high speed, and streetcar systems

  • Roadways: Simple-level residential streets to complex overpasses and tunnels.

  • Canals and river stabilization: For both shipping and recreational goals.

  • Wastewater treatment plants: Holding tanks, settlement ponds, and other essential processing structures.

  • Dams and corresponding reservoir tanks or lakes: Systems designed for power generation.

  • Earthwork projects: Capping landfills, reshaping flood-prone areas, and building new levees.

  • Waterways, Water-Structures, Shipyards

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